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As someone who loves gardening and the outdoors, have you ever wished you were able to get a head-start on your spring planting? Have you ever wished your gardening supplies were stored closer to your garden area and more convenient to access?

Salem Structures Farmhouse Garden Sheds are mini-greenhouses that are exactly what you’ve been looking for! They’re a perfect solution for anyone wanting a jump start on their spring gardening or even wanting to grow flowers and herbs year-round.

Our premium greenhouse sheds make it easier and more convenient than ever to get a head start on your gardening plans.


Our gorgeous farmhouse garden sheds are proudly manufactured locally by the Amish with top quality always a priority. On top of its beautiful design sure to spice up your backyard in every way possible, these greenhouse storage sheds have dual functionality we’re positive will serve you well for many years to come.

The dual functionality includes an attached greenhouse potting area, the perfect fit for all gardening enthusiasts, coupled with a large storage shed boasting a set of premium carriage double doors that are wide enough to accommodate a riding tractor. You’ll have all the room you need for any gardening activities or outdoor planting supplies needed!

While this particular farmhouse garden shed measures 10′ x 18′, you’re able to get yours built to various sizes (or order something custom). The dimensions you can choose from include a 10′ x 16′, 10′ x 18′, 10′ x 20′, 12′ x 18′, and 12′ x 20′. It’s important to note that larger sizes will cost more than the smaller sizes as you would expect, as will the wide variety of options you can choose.

All custom built greenhouse sheds have a nice selection of color choices for the base, trim, accents, roof, and doors. To get a complete list of the color options available for our farmhouse sheds, visit our Greenhouses & Garden Sheds page under the main description.

The greenhouse portion of the Farmhouse Garden Shed line is cooled by the all-glass hinged gable vents. These allow warm air to escape on hot days. To get detailed customization and pricing information, please call our office at (330) 332-9940 and we would be glad to answer any customization or pricing questions.

The Base Farmhouse Garden Shed Includes:

  • 9 Windows (10 On The 12′ Wide Shed)
  • 4′ Loft
  • 1 Set of Carriage Double Doors
  • Glass Gable
  • 1 Workshop Man Door
  • Dimensional Shingles or Metal Roof
  • 1 Interior Divider Man Door
  • Farmhouse Overhang
  • On Site Construction on 10′ x 18′ and Larger

Farmhouse Garden Shed Options:

Our sheds have many customization’s that can be made. To get the most accurate options and pricing, please contact us.

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Farmhouse Garden Sheds Are Perfect For A Backyard Greenhouse!
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